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Welcome to our

Special Needs Program


Ahavah is deeply committed to the Special needs community and we provide a unique and extremely valuable non-riding program for DUP15Q, Autistic, Downs,and Asperger’s students-along with a teaching environment ideal for those affected by PTSD, trauma from narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, anxiety, parental and grandparent alienation, and gender identity issues. We are an approved vendor to the New Jersey Division of Disabilities in both Horsemanship and Fine Arts. Individuals who need to seek funding can apply directly to their support agencies which will in turn work out invoicing and approval from the State by working directly with Ahavah. Ahavah will also host fundraisers in partnership with special needs organizations-please contact us for information.

Benefits of equine therapy!

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Trust and Empathy

Cognitive Development

Sensory Integration

& more!

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Unique & natural enviroment

Our unique equine therapy program offers a safe and nurturing environment in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty, where kids can thrive and grow, both emotionally and physically. The serene environment, coupled with the presence of our compassionate horses, creates a therapeutic setting that fosters growth and well-being

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