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Ahavah Farms

Ahavah Farms is deeply connected to the natural world and occupied as fully by the two cats, six dogs, and 14 horses who reside here as by their human caretakers. Sarah and Russ are grateful and proud to be working alongside wonderful volunteers, visitors, vets, a sterling andscaper/farm manager, a hardworking and imaginative farrier, and great neighbors to keep the creative dream alive for the land, the indoor studio space, the animals, and the plants and gardens. We look forward to welcoming you into our world and hope we can inspire you to reach for your own dream of building better communication and easier access to your own wellspring of ideas for the Earth and society.



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Ahavah Farm Mission

Ahavah Farm’s mission is to provide longterm care for horses and to allow humans access to the universe and activities of the Herd to promote educational, spiritual, and emotional growth for all.

Gardens Commitment
& Preservation statement

Ahavah Farm is committed to the preservation of land and open space and the unique ecosystem of the New Jersey Pinelands. Over the last 23 years we have encouraged the re-growth of hundreds of trees and native shrubs and flowers throughout our 15 acres. We have planted four flourishing pollinator gardens directly into our horse pasture. The Farm and gardens provide sanctuary not only to the horses, but to insects, rabbits, fox, deer, wild turkey, and coyotes. The land provides a yearly stopover for hundreds of migratory Canadien Geese. These Ahavah visitors and residents co exist with the Herd and the gardens-the plants and wild animals are our connection to seasonal cycles and the natural rhythms of the Earth.


Sarah Mognoni


Sarah Mognoni has been sharing her expertise in horsemanship for over two decades. With a deep understanding of the animals' needs and a keen focus on the visitors' requirements, Sarah creates a harmonious bond during each session, raising awareness of the subtle communications emanating from these majestic creatures.

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