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Welcome to our

Fine Arts Program


Fine Arts
Group Session

15-30 attendees


Colorful Living Studio offers fine art clinics for groups in painting, drawing, and mixed media. Participants are always fully engaged, encouraged to explore artistic expression and innovative perspectives.

Meet Sarah!

Sarah Mognoni graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in Fine arts and Design in 1978 and has spent 40 years teaching art both privately and in the public and private school sectors. A great believer in the creative dynamics of working with groups, she specializes in doing highly energetic and engaging clinics at senior facilities, over-55 communities, and in schools , community centers, and corporations looking to expand peoples’ problem-solving capacities and teamwork abilities. Sarah’s extensive background in art history and in working with students at all levels of artistic expression make these events extra special. 

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Unlocking Creativity and Growth

Participating in our fine arts program yields numerous advantages. Beyond honing artistic skills, individuals develop heightened creativity, self-expression, and a deeper appreciation for aesthetics. Engaging with various art forms nurtures critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a unique avenue for personal exploration and growth.

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