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Horsemanship at Ahavah Farm is based on respect for and dialogue with our horses. All participants-children and adults, learn to observe and recognize equine body language in order to feel safe working with the horses and to communicate effectively for handling and riding.  Riding is an integral part of our program and truly wonderful for human self esteem but we spend a lot of time on the ground with our horses as well both in preparation for riding and as enjoyable activity for both the person and the horse. Getting to know and understand the Herd at Ahavah is one of the chief pleasures for all visitors to the Farm. We use Western, Endurance, and Australian saddles for the program.

Single Lesson


8 Lesson Package


School, Class, & Group Visits

Maximum of 15 attendees


Benefits of horsemanship!

Physical Fitness

Emotional Connection

Patience and Empathy

Stress Relief/Mindfulness

& more!

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Enjoy the power of horsemanship!

Horsemanship offers a rewarding and enriching experience, providing a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Whether for recreational purposes, sport, or therapeutic applications, the bond between humans and horses is a unique and powerful connection

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