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Welcome to 

Ahavah Farm

Experience Communication, Harmony, and Creativity with Ahavah's Horsemanship and

Fine Arts Programs


In loving honor of our grandchildren Greyson & Waverly

Our Programs

Private lessons are available by individual arrangement - contact for more information!


Ahavah Farm's horsemanship emphasizes respectful communication with horses, teaching participants of all ages to understand equine cues for safe and effective riding and handling using various saddles."


Special Needs Program

Ahavah strongly supports the Special Needs community through unique non-riding programs for various conditions, including DUP15Q, Autism, Downs, Asperger's, trauma, anxiety, and identity issues.

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School, Class, & Group Visits

are fun and life-enhancing for all involved. We will host a maximum of 15 attendees at one time including adult staff-both mainstream and special needs groups welcome. Cost $360.00 Groups are introduced to the Herd and are given both demonstrations of horsemanship and one on one time with the animals. Visits to our extensive gardens, walks through our fields and mini-wildlife sanctuary, and time out for snacks included.



Ahavah Farm

Welcome to Ahavah Farm, a 16-acre sanctuary nestled in the New Jersey Pinelands, where humans and animals coexist harmoniously. Owners, Sarah and Russ, alongside their dedicated team and volunteers, work passionately to nurture the land, studio, animals, and gardens, aspiring to inspire others to connect with nature and foster creative ideas for a better world.


Fine Arts Clinics
for Groups in Painting, Drawing, and Mixed media

Meet Sarah Mognoni, a seasoned art educator with 40 years of experience. Specializing in engaging art clinics for seniors, schools, and corporations, Sarah fosters problem-solving and teamwork skills through creative immersion. 


Shop Sarah's
Original Paintings

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